Poker league to offer annual prize pool of Rs 6.6 crore

Raj Kundra-led Viaan Industries, that started the’Match Indian Poker League’ last year, is seeking to select the league format to the online platform. Buoyed by the success of the recently concluded season two of Match IPL, Kundra is prepared to start the Online Team Poker League (OTPL).

It’ll see involvement from 30 teams and also have an yearly prize pool of Rs 6.6 crore. “There is a significant uptrend in people playing poker… after seeing the answer for Match IPL, I believed there is a need to get a year-long property. So we made this IPL, wherein 30 teams will perform’No Limit Texas Hold’em’ championship every alternate Saturday through a specially designed program by Viaan Industries,” Kundra, who is the company’s chairman, told ET.
Every one of the franchisee will pay an annual licence fee of Rs 55 lakh. Every group will have eight players that will play online twice amonth to top the leader board. The collective chip count of all team players will be added up, giving the monthly positions of teams and monthly prizes. The team with the most processor count at the end of the year in November will win the cup and the prize money will be shared among the best eight teams.
While the first season begins in July and end in November, in the next year, it’ll be spread over January to November. The winning team will represent the nation from the World Online Team Poker League(korea league: 온라인홀덤) to be held in December every year.

“We’ve already signed 15 teams out of 30 and the answer is incredible,” Kundra said. “I have also secured partnerships in the US, UK and Israel. Will have some more in different nations within the next couple of months and in July we’ll start OTPL in India and internationally.”
The arrangement of the game will observe each team starting with 50,000 chips each match day, which will go on for four hours. In the conclusion, collective chip count is going to be added into the league rankings.
The app will provide in-app purchases for teams to create their own rooms and practice for the forthcoming tournaments. The technology will ease every part of the sport from gameplay to administration of competitions and record keeping.

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